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I'm Getting Started with Node.js

On many occasions I've decided to get acquainted with a new technology (language, framework, etc.) - SOLR, FW/1, Jenkins, Semantic UI, and a long list of others.  The amount of time I've spent dedicating myself to getting proficient at each of these has varied, and based on the number of years I've spent writing code, I can say that the term "proficient" is pretty subjective.  I've been mostly happy with ColdFusion over the years, but it is apparent to me that cfml is a little like a salmon swimming upstream, and there's a need to expand my horizons in order to remain relevant as a developer (not that I'll be ditching CF or Railo anytime soon).  So I decided to give Node.js a shot.



Chrome and Spool

A couple months ago I made the switch from using Firefox to Chrome.  It's taken some getting used to, but overall I've found the two comparable, although Chrome's developer tools are ususally more intuitive for me, and I think they are more comprehensive as well.  I also love the Chrome store.  There are thousands of apps and plugins you can install with Chrome, and I actually plan on blogging a bit more about that soon.  In day-to-day use, one of the plugins I missed  from Firefox was Download Helper


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